I’ve created this site to share my learning from my Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) through Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia.

I’ve learned so much from the diversity of the subjects: Concepts and Practices in a Digital Age, Games-Based Learning, Designing Spaces for Learning, Data Informed Practice, Java Programming (I wanted to rekindle my love for programming) and our culminating subject, the Digital Futures Colloquium.

I use this space alongside my blog to share and capture my ideas. I love this concept of a “bubblecatcher” shared to me by @sherrattsam.

“Unless ideas are massaged into reality, they evaporate” Alan Fletcher

“Bubblecatcher” – capturing ideas before they evaporate (Photo: @tanyanizam)

I am about to move to Brisbane to QASMT as the HoD STEM and Enrichment; this is going to be quite the transition having been at the Western Academy of Beijing since August 2008. Prior to China, I’ve been a technology integrator/coordinator/leader for a large number years in six international schools including UNIS Hanoi, Bangkok Patana School as well as schools in Qatar and Turkey. I’ve taught a range of subjects in a number of curriculum frameworks, the most recent being IBDP Information Technology in a Global Society and both MYP Individuals & Societies and MYP Design.

I wear a number of other hats. I’m the executive director of Learning2, an non-for-profit organisation that runs educational conferences worldwide and I’m one of the founding partners in Eduro Learning, an educational technology consultancy set up to develop & support collaborative, purposeful and technology-rich learning opportunities that create meaningful and sustainable educational change. I’ve been the lead coordinator on Greater China Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Advisory board as well as a IBDP senior examiner and paper author.

I have really enjoyed being a student again….and now that this chapter closes, I am wondering what’s next!

I tweet on @mbrookes – all views are my own!